What I’m up to…

SoD GSA logoYou may or may not have read my other blog – stoplifting.wordpress.com – but I thought I’d give some information of what exactly I’ll be up to during my final year at Glasgow School of Art, studying product design.

Essentially, the first project I’m looking at is based on the Design Directions briefs that are set up by the Royal Society for the encouragement of the Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. As a result, I’ve selected the Design Out Shoplifting brief, and have been working on it for the last few weeks, largely focusing on low-cost, low-tech solutions to help reduce shrinkage in small businesses. This runs for twelve weeks, so I’ll be done around Christmas.

At the same time, I’m writing my dissertation. I was keen to address my other interest when it came to writing this piece, so I’m looking at the evolution of conflict photography in the media over the last few decades, and how world events have shaped it. I’m in the process of research at the moment, and will be speaking to various individuals over the next few weeks, including several members of the press.

In the second term, I’ll be approaching a thematic project, where the course sets an overall theme for all students to work from, and then allows us to develop our own project on the basis of it. As I have no idea what the theme will be, I’m kind of in the dark about this one until the theme gets released.

The final project of the year will be entirely self-directed. This is the big one really – a project totally of my own making, looking at a problem I’ve identified, and coming to my own solutions as a result of studying it. Right now, I’m having a think about possibly opportunities all the time, but obviously I don’t want to get too distracted from the current project! If possible, it would be good to push this into being a live project with a company, but that’s just a bit of a pipedream at the moment!

Anyway, for all of these – apart from the dissertation – will be documented in blogs. I’ve already begun the Design Out Shoplifting blog – stoplifting.wordpress.com – but the other two will appear in due course. I encourage you to follow my work, and also to offer comment and crit on anything I post on any of my blogs – your opinions are always welcome!


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