Just when you least expect it…

I’ve been doing a bit of dissertation work this evening, as I have a presentation tomorrow. Joy of joys. Anyway, I’ve been looking through various famous conflict photographs, and through the wonders of search engine wizardry, ended up discovering a photographer on Flickr whilst looking for a famous Capa photograph (Death of a Loyalist Soldier, for all you photo geeks out there).

This genuinely made me chuckle, and while I’m loathed to have a blog which descends into ‘neat things that I found on t’interweb’, I do feel that his work merits a mention. So, ladies and gents, I give you Mike Stimpson, and a few of his takes on classic photographs, using Lego. Check out his Flickr page HERE

Stimpson 1

Stimpson 2

Stimpson 3

As I said, please check out his work on his flickr page – all photos are copyright of Mike Stimpson, and are reproduced under a Creative Commons license.

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